Why People Use Hostgator Promotional Codes

An online presence is crucial for every business venture irrespective of how big or large the operations are. Choosing a reliable hosting service provider is vital to ensure your website is available for users with no downtime, which can rely in loss of business and revenues. There are several web hosting service providers and choosing the appropriate agency is tough. However, doing some research about the various service providers and reading the reviews and feedback offered by other clients can help you find a reliable web hosting agency.


Limited fund availability

If you are a new and just starting out your business venture, the total funds available would be limited. Opting for hostgator coupon can be an ideal solution to meet these budgetary limitations. This reputed and well-renowned service provider completely understands the limitations of new businesses and provides promotional offers. Business owners can host the website for only one cent. Web marketing is an easier technique to earn money when compared to most other traditional methods. A major advantage of this option is the lower overhead expenses that help you to sell products at cheaper prices making it more lucrative for your customers. Moreover, you can earn an income from the comfort of your home making it an extremely convenient option. This is especially beneficial for parents who need to stay home and take care of their customers.

Many benefits of web marketing

When you choose to use web marketing to make money online, you eliminate nagging bosses and regular office hours. Moreover, you do not have to stress yourself driving through peak hour vehicular traffic. All these benefits are an important reason why an increasing number of people are choosing web marketing as their career choice.

Advisable to choose paid services

However, there are certain basic expenses that web marketers need to incur to succeed in their business ventures. One of these includes designing the website, buying the domain, and hosting the site. Many people opt for the no-charge services, such as affiliate websites or set up blogs to eliminate the hosting expenditure. However, a major disadvantage of choosing this option is that your blog or site can be removed from the free service without providing any warnings. This significantly increases your risk of losing your customers and business.

This is the primary reason why people opt for paid web hosting services, which contrary to common perception are available for reasonable prices. Moreover, using the hostgator promotional code can make availing such services more affordable even if you are just commencing your web marketing business. With this code, you receive the first month service at only one cent and from the second month onwards, you can opt for one of the several plans that begin at less than ten dollars per month.

This service provider has been in the business for several years and is reliable with a large client base. Hosting your site with this agency ensures your customers will be able to view and shop through your website, which ensures your time and money are not wasted.

Where to Find Unlimited Web Hosting

WWW, World Wide Web, today had captured the whole technology market under its influence. Nothing is possible without the Internet. Publicity, advertising and marketing are the three major areas, which are greatly dependent on this mode of communication. And, this introduces the concept of Web Hosting. Building your website and making it go viral and poplar all across the globe is what everyone needs today. In this article, we will understand that what the essential features of unlimited web hosting are.


An unlimited hosting plan offers the following characteristics:

  1. Unlimited Disk Space

To make a web hosting unlimited, this is an essential feature. Unless, we don’t have enough space to store or data and resources it will be difficult for us to start our work. It includes unlimited databases and unlimited domains. These two features give a wide range of options to the web developer to choose from. Be it the domain or the database.

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth

First, you must know how bandwidth is a necessary component.  Bandwidth is the transfer rate of a component, measured in a number of transferred units per unit of time. To transfer data and services all over the Internet, the server must provide an easy and smooth access to their clients on the network. More the bandwidth better is the transmission.  Thus, unlimited bandwidth provides no obstacle to the web users to use the Internet provide their services at a much faster rate, without any distortion in the quality.

While the above 2 are most important, unlimited web hosting features also include access to online Marketing guides, easy tools for website building, customer support, customized email services, world class technology and online store.

Now, let us take a view on various service providers and their respective plans.


It is one the best web hosting dealers, and it has larger than 1,000,000 customers all around the world. There are a plenty of plans, which are hosted by this dealer for an unlimited web hosting.

1.    The iPage Essential Plan

Costing you $1.89/month, this is basic web hosting plan which offers all the afore mentioned facilities.

2.    Word press Hosting Plan

This hosting plan is specific to only word press users. The complete designing and development must be done on word press. It is divided into plans:  WP Starter, which costs $3.75/month and WP Essentials, which cost $6.95/month. The difference lies in speed and security, WP essentials being faster and secure.

3.    VPS Servers High Performance Hosting

It is a highly customized plan, which costs you $24.99/month. And, the basic feature available is flexible cloud and VPS Servers.


Blue host

Now, web hosting could be done on any stage whether be it Windows or Linux or any other operating system. The above discussed dealer deals with only Windows based web hosting. There is yet, another dealer in the market, which deals with Linux web hosting. It is no other than, Blue Host.  It is very much similar to Ipage in terms of services, etc. The only difference is in the types of OS, and the 30 days money back guarantee.  It has two major pans:

1.    Linux Reseller Hosting

Its costing ranges from 1000 INR to 3000 INR depending upon various resources like disk space, speed, validity, etc.

2.    VPS Linux Hosting

While it is somewhat costlier than the reseller hosting, VP hosting guarantees for high speed and security.

Thus, these were the features and various dealers of unlimited web hosting.


The Search for the Best Web Hosting

Since the founding of the best web hosting, a number of websites have really been created. They may have a myriad of data as well as the design, but the only one thing they have both in common is the fact that they easily help the website owners to get up their creative from simple masterpieces regardless of what they plan to show.

The only biggest mistake people at many times make is that they think every single hosting service is one and offers the same service. They do not   really know that there are a number of hosting packages and services. That is one of the reasons why you need to know what you need and find the best web hosting service that will suit your needs.

web hosting

Web hosting is a solution providing space, support as well as tools to host a site. Also, depending on the company, you are offered custom email accounts for your site. The two kind’s web hosting services are dedicated and shared. For building websites just like MySpace or YouTube, you will want to have a dedicated hosting solution; most other websites need shared hosting. Shared hosting is not expensive really and can be easily found at just $3.99 per month.

When looking for a web hosting help, you have to make a decision on what you need, like how much disk space as well as the bandwidth needed, the budget, how dependable the hosting companies are – read the clients’ testimonials.

At times, you start with just a minimum need, but as you will be building the sites, you will get a bigger space. That is the reason why, you will need to find get more knowledge on the account features that the hosting service provides. Are they easily flexible? Can they offer an option whereby one can have an abundance of bandwidth? Furthermore, while they offer more disk space for future growth? Another important thing to know is the web hosting   reputation of the company. Read some reviews that talk about hostgator coupon code what the hosting company offers to see what others are thinking about the same. If their website has site for forums, just register and then talk with the former or actual customers for their opinions and get a feel of the hosting provider.

Make sure you consider the hosting company’s knowledge.  It is a fact that companies who have  been  offering the service for a long time are really more experienced than  the  companies who  just  getting their way to the market. Therefore, it is as well very essential that you take your time to consider the experience as well as the expertise of the hosting provider. If they have been offering the service for a long time, it is an indication that they have gone through the different web hosting trials of handling a number of companies. Most particularly, they can be specialists when it comes to offering the find the best web hosting service.

Though, this scenario cannot be true in many cases. There are  as well hosting companies that are just new in the  web hosting  business, but they can offer the  nice  hosting best that what you will get from the experts.


India Web Hosting Companies

indiaIn all types of markets, it is a matter of concern is always who is the best in a particular category of service and products. In hosting of websites this is no different and thus the topic of who in the Indian web hosting companies is the best sometimes emerges among individuals and companies that may be interested in having their website hosted. In India, web hosting is done by a good number firms give a large menu to choose from as it is the case with most services and products, if a good number of people are consulted, you will find some that have not had the best experience with any given provider so your choice will vary depending on your sample. By conducting your own research it provides a point to start from in choosing. The choice may also depend on the type of web hosting service needed.

Types of Web Hosting companies in India

With the advancement of technology different types of web hosting service providers appears to meet the different needs of customers and include;

  1. Shared Web Hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting, and is also the best to start out on as it is affordable and not complex. In this case a single server is shared between many customers. Generally they have the following benefits and disadvantages:

  • Is cheaper as you share costs with others.
  • Is relatively easy to use
  • You share the resources of the server with others.
  • It is less flexible since you cannot block a particular port or even change a core component.

Since it is the most common, most India, web hosting companies simply refer it as web hosting or website hosting.


  1.  Cloud Hosting

It is a relatively new platform of hosting that provides clients with reliable, powerful, and scalable hosting that is based on clustered load balancing servers that are billed as per utility. A cloud hosted website is more reliable than its alternatives because other computers in the cloud compensate the work load when part hardware goes down. Local power interruptions and natural disasters are of less impact to the cloud hosted sites, since it is decentralized system. It also allows service providers to charge clients only for resources used rather than a flat rate charge for the amount the user expects to use. The lack of centralization however, may give users less control on the location their data is stored which could be a problem for clients with data privacy and security concerns like banks


  1. Dedicated Hosting

These hosting service providers host a single entity just like as it implies, here every client is allocated a server that serves only that particular client and no one else. The benefit of this kind of system is that the activities of other clients do not affect you in any way as your resources cannot be used by anyone else other than yourself.


India’s Finest

Most of the preferred web hosting companies accessible to Indian people and businesses are also accessible by the rest of the world. In India, however, these are the very particular, though the list is not totally exhaustive and can change as per the individuals’ consulted. They include but not limited to; Ipage, Host Gator and Blue Host.

Can Your Web Hosting Handle PHP?

PHP basically means the Hypertext pre – processor. For many it might be confusing because of the initial P. However, in simple context, it actually means personal home page. There is some explanation in web hosting with PHP. This is a scripted language that can be used by builders of websites to develop, create and display dynamic websites. The question is whether someone can find web hosting services which can handle PHP and the answer is yes. Web hosts and designers have numerous packages for web hosting PHP is just one of them. Here are just some of the reasons why PHP web hosting services are popular.

php hosting


PHP websites are easy to connect without some of the commonly used database software. An example is the MySQL. This can’t be supported by major languages like the ASP. For most proponents PHP has the maximum database connectivity when compared to all the scripting languages. This means that the sites can have unusual interactive capabilities and the websites can then be hosted in different unusual forms.


Web hosting PHP gives you options for the servers. It means you will be able to choose between Windows-based or Linux-based platforms. These are the major web hosting platforms which are used these days and so you will find that your needs are catered for convenience. PHP is also well and compatible with different kinds of operating systems like Apache and Windows.


Major hardware and software players support PHP with some of them being Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. This means that it can be updated, developed and upgraded easily by most multi-national players. It is one of the languages supported by most multinational players. When any security threats are realized, then proxies will be developed faster compared to other languages. This is a major financial assistance as you will not have to go through a lot of work to know how to fix the proxies. This language is also easy to be embedded in XHTML and HTML scripts.

The biggest advantage for business people about web hosting PHP is that of the prices. For businesses and entities which do not have large budgets, it means that a lot. The ability to share the web hosting services with many other sites also makes it convenient and reliable. Your business will have no compromise on the quality of customer care offered so this is an excellent option for startups. You can also just concentrate on the business front if you have no experience and ideas on how to manage such sites and hosting. Server providers will always take care of everything than you might need.

The major drawback about web hosting PHP is that you will only have access to limited resources. As you share accounts and other web hosting associated factors, there is a huge security risk. If any other site in the shared hosting has a bigger traffic, then you will be affected as well. You might also not be able to install numerous programs. Basically, your web hosting conveniences will largely rely on your traffic.